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What if we told you it was possible to never think about what you were going to post on social media again? How about if we told you we’d film your content on a monthly basis? What if your accountant congratulated you on your through-the-roof sales this quarter from all your new customers. Imagine having a roomful of videographers, social media strategists, and SEO experts dedicated to your success.

Socially Handled isn’t just another agency claiming they’re awesome. We’re the people who power your brand online and the humans connecting with your fans. We are more than an agency, we are your team.

We are a full-service social media, video production, and digital marketing agency in South Florida. By optimizing campaigns, sparking engagement, and monetizing your social media channels, we crush your competitors.  Your business deserves a team of experts in their cutting-edge niches continuing to lift your brand and carry them to your consumers. That just happens to be us.

Here’s what you can expect from us: A lot of personalized video emails (with emojis 😁), creative brainstorming sessions, and hours of laughing on set while we film your next video. We show up to meetings with analytical reports, ideas for next quarter, and the latest news in technology and marketing.

When you aren’t reviewing your latest social media videos, you’ll be scrolling through your social media account noticing your notifications blasting with business inquiries, likes, and new fans. Get ready to become kind-of-a-big-deal and stand out in front of your customers.

If you don’t believe us, listen to our clients. 👇

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  • Cary Reichbach
    ❝ Emilie is so much more than a social media maven. While she prides herself on being current on the latest updates and algorithm changes, it's more her ability to organize and prioritize that are her greatest assets. Socially Handled has met and exceeded all of our marketing and social media projects. 
    Cary Reichbach
  • Stephene Klein, MPH, MBA
     By bringing Socially Handled onboard as our strategic partner, in the beginning, they were able to provide the analytic reports needed to help contribute to a successful proof of concept formula - ultimately, leading to an increase in the brand’s value. The team did an outstanding job maximizing exposure for the brand across social platforms. 
    Stephene Klein, MPH, MBA
    Happy Healthy Stronger
  • Rene Stern
    Emy and her team are STELLAR with their intricate mechanics approach of social media and digital advertising. Socially Handled quickly captures the essence of your target market and implements a genius marketing plan to reach your goals in the most valued and cost effective timeline."
    Rene Stern
    Holistic Chamber of Commerce – Boca Raton