Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Having a beautiful video is only step one of using videos as a way to generate sales, leads, and awareness. When a business owner neglects a video marketing strategy, they’re leaving a lot of money on the table. By doing market research in the pre-production stage, we’re able to establish the right distribution strategy because we’ll understand where your audience is hanging out online.

Videos are part of the big picture of business success.

Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing can be a game changer for your brand. People will notice and understand your offering in a powerfully irresistible way.

Videos don’t just make your business more visible on social media, the reach of videos stretch to search engines, advertising, and public relations. Our process is simple. We align your goals with the storyboard and overall strategy. We’ll learn about your current customers and desired customers to create a video, corresponding campaign, and supportive framework to produce the results you’re aiming for.

Video Campaign Planning

A video by itself is not enough to generate a successful impact. Video campaign planning doesn’t just ensure some people see it, instead it focuses on:

  • How will we ensure the right customer sees your video?
  • How can we get this customer to act on booking an appointment or purchasing a product?
  • How can we use your videos as a retargeting or sequenced series to push more customers down your funnel?

This targeted perspective can be the difference between a few shares and likes or the busiest you’ve ever been.


There’s a lot that has to happen before the cameras start rolling and videos begin publishing. As a full-service video production and marketing agency, we have an entire creative team at your disposal. Conceptualizing begins with a pre-production meeting to understand your needs. Next, we’ll do a site visit for a little inspiration.

After we’re feeling inspired and blown away by your vision, we’ll create a storyboard, write the script, develop the segments, and plan the shots. Once you say “yes” to the plan, we’ll finalize a production schedule.

We know you’re busy running your business, leave the planning to us.

Social Media Video Advertising

The majority of the population spends an average of 128 minutes per day on social media and videos are the most consumed form of content on social media.

If you want to inform, entertain, promote, and connect with your customers, it’s going to take more than a selfie and hashtag. Video advertising is especially successful on social media because it places your brand in the midst of your customer’s life and favorite things all in one newsfeed.

Image and placement is everything, so why not put your business in the middle of it all?