Video Production

Video Production

Videos are not a trendy marketing tool that will go away soon. Videos breathe life into your brand and share your message in a personable, engaging way. From comical how-tos, edge-of-your-seat promotional trailers, or client testimonials, Socially Handled can create videos that catapult you in front of your audience.
As a social media and video production agency rolled into one, we can make some serious magic happen. Keep scrolling for proof. 👇

Social Media Videos

People and businesses aren’t making millions of dollars every year by using pretty graphics or billboards. Instead, they’re telling stories that compel their followers to act, advocate, and buy. Think of it like this: if your customers are spending hours a day scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, wouldn’t you want to be in front of them watching your brand?

Our videographers, production managers, and social media strategists combine their superpowers and brainstorm about your social media videos. We’ll create videos with Facebook Ads, Instagram Stories, and the News Feed in mind.

Corporate Videos

Did you know making eye contact someone builds instant trust and rapport? Businesses aren’t just using videos to build relationships externally with customers, they’re utilizing them within their business to strengthen communication and relationships.

Corporate videos are perfect for new employee onboarding, company testimonials, webinars, walking through a product demo, and engaging presentations for investors and stakeholders.

Marketing Videos

Harness the power of video in the internet vortex. Think of videos as your secret superpower that can WOW your customers instantly.

Videos are great for websites, landing pages, digital ads, and display ads. With an average of 83 words per 10 seconds of spoken word, you can say a lot with a video. If pictures are worth 1,000 words, marketing videos are worth $100,000.

Promotional Videos

Don’t just film a video, create a video that demands attention and action. Promotional videos are a valuable asset that can serve many purposes such as pitching the media, welcoming your customers to a sales page, or using them to announce the best big thing. Promotional videos can create buzz and compel someone to act right then and there. Take the next step toward boosting sales and brand awareness with promotional videos.